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[Article] Metal Gear Survive co-op trailer

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Gameplanet Article (https://www.gameplanet.co.nz/videos/g5a6642d15de8f/)

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Metal Gear: Survive Beta Impressions - Otaku Gamers UK

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Metal Gear Survive was never going to have it easy. The dust had hardly settled on GSV Kojima-Konami fallout when barely a year after release the Japanese publisher decided to shock everybody and announce the first Metal Gear game in decades to not be developed under Hideo Kojimas autocratic eye. Many

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Metal Gear Survive Beta First Impressions | Kumazoku Ent

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Beast Gamer here with a preview of Metal Gear Survive Beta on The PlayStation 4. Just a heads up my commentary was missing, but the gameplay should give you an idea and please read the full article.

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Metal Gear Survive's microtransactions will not be pay-to-win

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Update, January 22: More details about Metal Gear Survive's microtransactions have been confirmed in an interview with the game's producer.
Metal Gear Survive will not have lootboxes. While Konami’s upcoming survival game does have microtransactions, producer Yuji Korekado says it will not be pay-to-win.
, or die. Metal Gear Survive
According to , in interview with Korekado in the latest edition of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, he says “there will not be loot boxes, and there will not be pay-to-win types of microtransactions.”

Metal Gear Producer Regrets Confusion on Survive's Spin-off Nature, Says No To Lootboxes and P2W

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Metal Gear producer Yuji Korekado regrets to have caused confusion for gamers regarding Survive's spin-off nature. He then stated that there won't be any loot boxes, or Pay-to-Win microtransactions for that matter, in the game.

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Metal Gear Survive Will Not Have Loot Boxes And Will Not Be Pay To Win

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The producer of the game also expressed his regret over confusion regarding whether the game was a sequel or a spin-off.

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